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Digital Forensics Training & Investigation

Course Background

The course provides trainees with a practical based understanding of the methodologies, tools and techniques used in computer forensic and investigation in digital environment. The course content covers acquisition, collection, seizure and preservation of evidence handling, interpretation and final reporting and presentation of findings.

Target Group:

  • IT professionals, Security Officers with interest in Cyber security, Software/Web developers

Course Content

Computer Forensics Principle and investigations
• Digital Forensics systems, Tools and techniques
• Linux/Unix Computer Forensics
• Window computer Forensics
• Network Forensics
• In depth Memory Forensics
• Smartphone Forensics
• Reverse Engineering: Malware Analysis tools and Techniques
• Acquisition, collection and seizure of evidence
• Carving out files “Hidden” in storage media
• The marking, storage, transmission and presentation of Digital Crime evidence Law for Forensics Professionals

Mode of Study :

1 Week Seminar / Part time / Evening/ Weekend