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Cyber Threat Intelligence

The current cybersecurity approaches are not sufficient for organizations to defend against the evolving cyber threat landscape. The organizations need to extract the cyber threat intelligence (CTI) that uncovers both known and unknown threats; thereby they can implement a more robust defensive mechanism. Furthermore, organizations need to perform intelligence-led security testing instead of conventional security testing approaches. Intelligence-led security testing provides contextual intelligence at every stage of testing that guides the security professionals to make appropriate decisions such as:

  • How should the security testing be conducted?
  • What attack methods should be simulated?
  • Where should they focus their resources?


In the current scenario, threat intelligence has become a necessity for many organizations. Organizations use threat intelligence to prevent and protect their IT infrastructure from various internal and external threats. Threat intelligence also helps organizations identify various cyber risks that affect their business. Identifying these risks in advance helps organizations take defensive measures to mitigate the risks. Properly applied CTI program helps in the following:

  •  Providing greater insight into cyber threats
  • Preventing data loss by identifying the causes of data leakage
  • Guiding in incident response
  • Conducting data analysis to identify the exploitable data
  •  Providing actionable strategic and tactical choices
  • Conducting threat analysis for detecting advanced threats
  • Sharing threat information to spread awareness
  • Identifying IoCs
  • Discovering tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) for possible attacks
  • Detecting breaches at the early or initial stage